8 Incredible things my Lola taught Me

The Matriarch

1. God listens.

No one will ever give you the right answers other than the main Master up there. His words, not yours. His ways, not your will.

2. Learn in everything God lets you experience.

You are at your strongest when you are down and struggling. Rise above the circumstances; it is the Lord’s way of honing your character. That is your story to tell, your pain, fears, and failures. Own it because it is part of who you are and not what you are.

3. Forgiveness is a lifetime cure.

Forgiveness is not an indication of being flawless but a manifestation of being in a better place and a better state of mind. It is the peace of mind that YOU OWE yourself. It takes time and the right amount of respect to do it but be reminded that having a forgiving heart can save a dying soul.

4. Be honest.

It is better to be embarrassed in a second than be humiliated a lifetime for covering up a lie.

5. It is the responsibility on our shoulders that keep our feet on the ground.

In your grandmother’s eyes, you will always be that annoying kid that asks tons of questions that do not make sense no matter how grown-up you think you are.

6. You are tough enough to carry your cross.

Make use of those spines, kiddo.

7. Finish what you have started, no excuses.

Do you think she will make it for 80 years just to quit? She is someone that will push you on the edge of a cliff until you are brave enough to jump and give you that “Teh, ara gali!” (See? I told you!) look.

8. Live boldly.

For someone who has witnessed war and famine as a kid, it is hard to imagine how she could take it all and live a positive outlook in life. Keep on moving forward and never hate what you have been through because it shaped who you are. She told me that our past might be painful and scary to linger on, but we needed to go through that path to understand what kind of future we want and how much we should value our present.



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